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Shenzhen Nawsun Technology Co., Ltd is a premier professional manufacturer of aroma diffusers, air humidifiers, car humidifiers, and air purifiers. We dedicate to provide our customers with professional scent marketing solutions.
Scent branding will not just bring you a temporary comfortably air condition, the scent of the specific brand could also extend the customers' impression from the current visual and auditory sensory awareness, deepen the customer's cognition of the specific brand.
Our Basic Beliefs: Friendly Service, Expert Advice, Excellent Quality, Competitive Price, Happy Customers.
Trusted by thousands of global clients especially from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. We provide products with high quality, competitive prices, and outstanding service. With CE, RoHS, FCC product certifications and TUV Rheinland factory verification, we continue to benchmark the industry quality control. This is our promise for customers and we are confident with our products because we take Quality Above All as our producing and testing principle all the time.
Nawsun's skilled R&D and service support team could perfectly finish OEM and ODM orders with different customization requirements. For years our team has excelled their expertise to the impressive level that today keeps our clients happy with us. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, customers can talk to our service center about your sourcing requirements.


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